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Abstract Shapes

My Drasis

Grown up in a city of Greece I early noticed myself being drawn in compassion and support. In 2009 I started my studies in Psychology in Athens. As a student, I was always passionate about subjects such as Clinical Psychology, interpersonal relationships and arts psychotherapy. My first placement as a student took place in a residential mental health setting with people with long term mental health difficulties. It was then when I made sure that supporting people to reach their full potential would be my future. 

Alongside my studies, I participated in the university's drama society. This has influenced the rest of my choices, as it was then when I started experiencing how the art of theatre can be beneficial in one's wellbeing, self-reflection and growth. Since then, it became clear to me that I wanted to combine psychology and arts for my career future. Searching for 'what is next' I came across Dramatherapy and quickly realised that this would be the next chapter for me. Wanting to emerge myself into this new experience, I decided to move to England and to complete my Masters in Dramatherapy in the University of Derby. 

Since then, I have been gaining clinical experience with various client groups as well as in different settings. After about two years of being a qualified Dramatherapist, I felt the desire to raise awareness of the benefits of creative arts in therapy and to also begin my private practice offering my services to people who are looking to act toward their personal growth and change. Drasis is my act toward completing this desire -I look forward to seeing how the rest of the story gets unfold. 

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